400 watt CFL Grow Light Unit

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Good for Light Vegetation & Cloning!
NO OTHER LIGHT LETS YOU mimic the Sun as it cycles from spring to fall!
Gives you customizable spectrum’s and intense light for rapid growth from clones to adults in dirt or hydroponic systems.
GET MORE LIGHT IN THE SAME SPACE More than replaces the “standard” 300 watt T–5 setup and provides customizable spectrum’s. Best for clones, and vegetation stages!
Great for closet, stealth, commercial or recreational use.

Watt Equivalent: 400w
Actual Watts Being Used: 92w
Actual Amps Being Used: .77
Uses 120V Power Supply: Uses the regular household sockets!
USEABLE Lumen: 6,400 (400w HPS = 6,500 USEABLE Lumen)
Covers a 8 X 6 Area
Size of Unit: 3'x20"
Vegetative Spectrum Unit = 4 6500k (blue) bulbs + 1 spare(red) bulbs; 5 bulbs total.

Don Believe Da Hype! You Can Grow & Produce Good Yields With CFL's

Posted by CFL-GrowLight.com on Monday, March 30, 2015

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