What do I get with my order & F.A.Q.?

What do I get with my order?

Your choice of bulb color spectrum

100% Blue Light 6500K (Growth/Spring)

Mixed Spectrum 50% Blue 6500k & 50% Red 2700K (Growth or Flower/Summer)

100% Red Light 2700K (Flower/Fall)

Extra long 10' power cord(s)

Extra Bubs in your color choice(# depends on unit selected)

100% Metal Hood

4 C-Clamps with Super Double Hoods

Plug ~N~ Play Ready!



  ►"How often do I need to replace my bulbs?"

Only when they go out. CFL bulbs do not loose luminosity during their lifetime.

►"Will these lights burn my plants like HPS lights do?"

Very unlikely, unless your plants are actually touching the bulbs. These lights can be placed as close as 2” to your plants without risk of plant burn.

►"Can I upgrade these units with more powerful CFL bulbs?"

Yes, provided you stay under 660 total watts incoming juice (the 2000w unit uses 460 watts). That’s what the fixture's are U.L. rated for. We guarantee all properly used fixtures and parts (not the bulbs) but not misused fixtures or parts. Please contact us if you need (cant imagine why) a modification to upgrade these units past 660w incoming.

►"Will I really save money switching from my 1000w HPS unit to a 2000w CFL Grow Light?"

Absolutely! The 2000 Watt Super Max unit only uses 460 total watts compared to the 1000 Watts that HPS bulb is pulling. Using HPS lights is like having another car payment but you'll never get to drive it! But WAIT, that’s only part of the cost for a HPS system. Your initial cost of around $400 bucks for a nice HPS unit and oh yea the fan you'll need to cool that bad boy. Fan = $50 -$100 bucks. But, that’s not all. HPS and MH bulb are only good for one cycle since they loose roughly 8 – 10% luminosity per cycle. Last time I checked HPS and MH bulbs cost a pretty penny compared to CFLs @ less than $5 bucks each!

►"How will my lights be packaged? I'd rather not let my neighbors know I just bought some killer grow lights."

No worries! We ship your lights in a plain brown box without any indication to whats inside. After all, what good are stealth lights if everyone knows you have them?

►"How long does it take for my order to arrive at my house?"

Normally from 3-12 working days from your order date. Orders under 6 units are shipped ground via USPS withing 2 working days upon receipt of payment.

►"Will I be able to track my order?"

Yes, you'll be able to follow your package to your doorstep via U.S.P.S. Online tracking service with email updating available.

►"Do you offer refunds?"

Yes, we offer a 30 day 100% no questions asked refund policy.

►"Is my credit card and personal information safe?"

You betcha! We use PayPal to process all payments. That protects YOU with PayPal buyer protection automatically when you order from us. We also use Ram Web Hostings dedicated secure servers for your protection. WE DO NOT STORE NOR VIEW YOUR PERSONAL PAYMENT INFORMATION!

►"Why isn’t everyone using CFL's to grow with?"

Why is marijuana and hemp illegal? Why do we use fossil fuels when we don’t need to? Why do we fight wars when we don’t need to? Who knows why, but ask yourself if your not using CFL's, . . . why not?