Why choose a CFL Light for Growing?

Why are CFL Grow lights today's best grow light option?

NO OTHER LIGHT LETS YOU mimic the Sun as it cycles from spring to fall!
Gives you customizable spectrumís and intense light for rapid growth from clones to adults in dirt or hydroponic systems.
GET MORE LIGHT IN THE SAME SPACE over T-5's, LED or 1000w Metal Halide unit at less than half the cost!
Great for closet, stealth, commercial or recreational use.

  • Lowest cost set up.....period!
  • Low energy cost...Inexpensive to operate...Our 1400 watt equiv version only uses 322 actual watts!
  • Florescent lights are the closest to natural sunlight (tanning booths use florescent lights)
  • CFL lights NEVER degrade with time!
  • Switch from flower to growth spectrumís with ease
  • Stability- Bulbs start up instantly, and do not loose luminous efficiency even after 10,000 hours of use!
  • Compatible with all timers when connected to a surge protector.
  • Completely Noiseless Operation - HPS has significant noise.
  • CFL bulbs are the cheapest to replace after an expected lifespan of 4-5 years (18/6)
  • No Wasted Energy!
  • Cool to the touch - HPS systems will cook an egg, with a surface/bulb temp of 168F/400F while CFL systems are 70F/140F and plants wont burn!
  • No need to spend ca$h on cooling systems!
  • Practical - LED systems may be more efficient, but their bulbs cannot be replaced and cost $300-$500 for comparable wattage
  • Plug ~ N ~ Play in any regular 110v outlet!
  • Switch from Vegetative to Flower spectrum in seconds!
  • Mimic any grow color spectrum!
  • Robust vegetative growth
  • Excellent for fruit or flowers
  • Increased Yield
  • NEVER Burn your plants or pocketbook again!